Real Living Wage Increases to £9.90 in Scotland as living costs rise

The Fair Work Convention Co Chairs Professor Patricia Findlay and Grahame Smith welcome the announcement from the Living Wage Foundation that the Real Living Wage will increase to £9:90.

Commenting on the announcement, Professor Patricia Findlay said:

“Increasing the Real Living Wage is absolutely crucial as part of the fight against poverty in Scotland as living costs rise. With the uncertainty of Brexit and the ongoing pressures of the pandemic, this is the time to commit further to Fair Work not to retreat from it, including decent incomes.”

Grahame Smith added:

“This announcement means that the thousands of workers in Scotland already working at Living Wage Accredited workplaces will benefit. Let’s now build on this and make greater efforts to ensure security of employment, income and hours for all workers. Every worker should have an income they can live on.”