New Members blog – Jim Savege

In our next New Members blog is from Chief Executive of Aberdeenshire Council, Jim Savege who reflects on the impact of  COVID-19  and the significance of fair work principles. I am writing this blog whilst at the same time busily packing to head away to see friends and family, many of whom I have not … Read more

New Members blog – Anna Fowlie

Today we hear from Anna Fowlie who is the Chief Executive of the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations (SCVO) and new member of the Fair Work Convention she shares with us her personal experience of working in HR in the 90’s and her reasons for joining the Fair Work Convention.  Let me share a memory of … Read more

The Connection between Fair Work and Black History Month – Satnam Ner

In this short blog I hope, in a small but perhaps obvious way, to touch on the connection between Fair Work and Black History Month. Both are about rebalancing. To varying degrees, the Fair Work dimensions of Effective Voice, Opportunity, Security, Fulfilment and Respect also play a central role in the meeting the underlying objectives … Read more

New Members Blog – Alieen Mcleod

Today we hear from Aileen McLeod who is the Director of Business Planning and Commercial for Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSE) and new member of the Fair Work Convention in the next of our New Members Blog Series. This is an important time for fair work to be part of our national  debate. Everywhere … Read more

New Members Blog – Chris Westcott

Last month we welcomed five new members to the Convention bringing a range of skills and experience to meet key challenges ahead. Today we hear from Chris Westcott, Europe & Asia within the Health Sector for Johnson Matthey in the first of our New Members Blog series. The Fair Work vision states that ‘by 2025, … Read more

Guest Blog – South of Scotland Enterprise Fair Work Intern – Alexandra McDowall

While fair work is a well-established key objective for the Scottish Government and Scotland as a whole, for the South of Scotland Enterprise (SOSE) fair work is vital for its effective operation. Acting as the economic development agency for the South of Scotland, fair work is rooted in SOSE’s legislation and must be embedded and … Read more

What does Fair Work mean for the voluntary sector? – Anna Fowlie

In her latest blog Chief Executive of SCVO and recent new member of the Fair Work Convention, Anna Fowlie asks what does Fair Work mean for the voluntary sector? ‘As we all know, some things are easier to say than to achieve. So at SCVO we’re doing a bit of work on what Fair Work … Read more

Guest Blog: Coming together to champion fair work for all – Lee Ann Panglea

As we start taking the first steps towards a post-pandemic world, we all have much to reflect on. The last 17 months or so have been some of the most challenging that any of us have ever experienced – putting incredible pressure on employees, employers, communities and the country as a whole. But where there are challenges, there are also … Read more

Guest Blog: Redesigning our employment landscape – Christine McCaig

Employment should free people from the grip of in-work poverty however, the reality is that for many people, being in work does not guarantee financial security. As we begin our recovery from what has been one of the most testing times in recent history, we need to work together to redesign our employment landscape so that … Read more