Fair Work Convention Self-Assessment tool

A new resource is now available from the Fair Work Convention to help workers self-assess Fair Work issues which affect them in the workplace.

The Fair Work Convention’s online Self-Assessment tool is designed to help workers assess and reflect on their own experience of Fair Work and suggest actions they can take to improve upon it.

While the reality is that employers shape Fair Work practices in most organisations, informed workers’ voice on Fair Work is essential in highlighting areas of potential improvement.

The questions will help workers self-assess their work and workplace through the five dimensions of Fair Work which are; Effective Voice, Opportunity, Security, Fulfilment and Respect.

Professor Patricia Findlay, Fair Work Convention Co-Chair said;

“The Covid-19 emergency is one of the biggest threats of our time. The Fair Work Convention is firmly of the view that Fair Work is more important than ever in shaping our collective response to the ongoing challenges and the prospect of economic recession.

We believe that this Self-Assessment tool will help promote awareness and understanding of Fair Work among workers at this crucial time. It will also help us collect up to date relevant data on current workplace practices, putting Fair Work at the heart of Scotland’s workplaces, economy and decision making.”

Given the challenges we face, it is right that we all strive to do more. The Scottish Government is committed to taking meaningful and decisive action to progress Fair Work, including developing a tool to support businesses. Available later this year, this will help businesses to benchmark their policies and practices against the five Fair Work dimensions. This, together with our new Self-Assessment tool will be very useful resources in helping achieve our Fair Work ambitions.

The Self-Assessment tool will provide the Convention with valuable data that we will use to inform the future actions of the Scottish Government, employers, unions, public bodies, agencies and civil society organisations to embed Fair Work in our recovery and as a driver of positive change and shared benefit.

We urge workers to use and share this Fair Work Self-Assessment tool to help shape fair workplaces and the future nature of work throughout Scotland.

The Fair Work Self-Assessment tool is now available on the Fair Work Convention website