Construction Industry Inquiry Group

Construction Industry Inquiry Group


*The Construction Industry Inquiry Group is now closed - The Inquiry delivered the Fair Work in the Construction Industry Report and recommendations in April 2022.

The Fair Work Convention has launched an Inquiry into Fair Work in Construction.  To take this work forward the Convention has created a Construction Industry Inquiry Group (CIIG) to look at the key challenges to delivering Fair Work across public sector procurement in the construction industry in Scotland. This Group brings together a range of representatives from the Fair Work Convention, Local Authorities, Construction Companies, National Bodies engaged in the sector, Trade Unions and other people who have direct experience of working in construction. The inquiry is also informed by research on workers’ experience in construction undertaken by the Scottish Centre for Employment Research at Strathclyde University for the Scottish Trades Union Congress.

The Fair Work Convention believes that commissioning and procurement in public sector contracting is one of the most practical ways that the Scottish Government can show leadership and deliver Fair Work in practice.

This will allow time to explore, understand and meet stakeholders to identify the strengths and challenges in delivering Fair Work across public sector procurement in construction, and for any further necessary work to be undertaken.

The objectives for the Construction Inquiry are:

  • To examine the Commissioning and Procurement process in relation to public sector construction projects with specific reference to weighting, evidence, monitoring and evaluation based on the five elements of Fair Work (Opportunity, Security, Fulfilment, Effective Voice, Respect).
  • To identify the Dispute Resolution Mechanism in relation to the five elements.
  • To liaise with Scottish Government Fair Work First Team, Procurement and Construction Teams regarding on going work and progress with Fair Work Action Plan commitments in the Construction sector.
  • To consider the current worker experience and identify key issues and actions required to ensure Fair Work First is delivered.
  • To develop recommendations for Ministers to deliver Fair Work for people engaged in Construction Industry on public sector projects.


  • Mary Alexander, Co-chair, Deputy Regional Secretary for Unite the Union, Scotland and Fair Work Convention Member.
  • Patricia Findlay, Co-Chair, Director of the Scottish Centre for Employment Research and Fair Work Convention Co-Chair.
  • Fiona Harper, Scottish Joint Industry Board
  • Kevin Dickson, Robertson Construction
  • Frank Blair, Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service
  • Terry Fitzpatrick , Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service
  • Darren Pyke, Brookfield Multiplex
  • Ricky Quinn, National Joint Council for the Engineering Construction Industry
  • Paul Mooney, Unite Union
  • Lynette Robertson, City of Edinburgh Council
  • Billie Mitchell, Fife Council
  • Roz Foyer, Scottish Trades Union Congress
  • Julie Welsh, Scotland Excel


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